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Los Angeles


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Taipei, Taiwan

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies (double major)

Current Company:

Institute for Information Industry 資策會

Current Position:

Graduate Student, TA, Intern

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Asian-American Tutorial Project (AATP), Admissions Club, Study Abroad, Intramural Futsal, Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP)

Secondary Schooling:

International Master's Program of Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) at National Chengchi University

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Stir Fry Bar and Pasta Bar at the MP! Hamburgers at the Cooler!

Best Oxy Class:

Any class from Professor Day or Professor Bolyanatz-Brown!

Groups I Identify With:



I grew up in New Hampshire and chose to explore somewhere new when attending Oxy in LA. After graduating from Oxy, I continued traveling west and ended up in Taipei, at the same university that I studied abroad at during my junior year. Funny how things work out like this! I became interested in Asia-Pacific Studies through my classes at Oxy, particularly with Professor Day. I'm currently interning at a research think-tank/NGO that is related to Smart City technology and promoting Taiwanese companies abroad.

When I was an Oxy student, I was somewhat clueless about what to do after college and wish I had more guidance back then. I believe that being a part of this mentor network will help current students learn more about the wide variety of possibilities out there post-graduation.

Career Advice:

Try out as many opportunities as you can! I've done multiple internships and while I have realized that I won't be going into the field that my first few internships were in, it was still a valuable experience and taught me a lot. Also, even if you aren't sure you are 100% qualified for a position, apply anyways. The company may like other skills and qualities that you possess and be willing to bring you on board.

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