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Los Angeles


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Teagan Mucher '20


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San Francisco, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Computer Science/Spanish

Current Company:


Current Position:

Product Manager

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Co-President - Oxy Open Source, Study Abroad - Madrid, SSDP

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Beyond burger

Best Oxy Class:

Practicum in Computer Science

Groups I Identify With:



I knew for a while that I was really passionate about technology and computer science, but at Oxy I found how my interests in other areas intertwined well with CS. This multidisciplinary approach to CS, combined with a personally transformational internship at a startup, led me to discovering technical product management where I wanted to start my career.

I've had some great mentors and folks who have helped me get to where I am, and I'd love to pay it forward. Please reach out if you want to talk about product managment, or navigating the tech industry in general!

Career Advice:

Help others. Learn as much as you can, all the time. Seek discomfort. Be wary of convention and group-think; forge your path!

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