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Los Angeles


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Taylin Shoemaker '17

She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Theirs

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Los Angeles, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Economics Major, Mathematics Minor

Current Company:

National Research Group (NRG)

Current Position:

Senior Research Manager

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Oxy Theater Department - Costume Design and Stage Makeup
Delta Omicron Tau Sorority
First Gen Club

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Pasta Bar - Red and White sauce combo

Best Oxy Class:

Econometrics with Woody

Groups I Identify With:

Anyone interested in the intersection of data and entertainment would be a gem!


I currently work as a senior manager at an entertainment market research company working with some of the biggest names in the business on their marketing and production.
I actually found out about NRG through an Oxy career fair (shoutout to another Oxy Alum Dianne Kamin who made the HR team attend) and fell in love with the company as soon as I knew what it was.
I didn't start with NRG immediately out of school as they only had internships available at the time, but after about a year with another company doing R&D, NRG reached out with an open entry level spot.
As a first gen student, mentorship has always been really important to me. My family has always worked service industry jobs so it was really only through mentorship that I was able to grow into my current role. I actively try to help foster a relationship with college students preparing to enter the workforce as I know how difficult that transition can be.
At my current company, I have been an intern manager for the past 2 years which has been a great opportunity for me to provide mentorship for those looking to enter my field. Sadly, in my current role I'm too high level to continue this engaging work, but would love be a part of it through YORKonnection!

Career Advice:

First thing - Network. It may seem scary to reach out to alum or other people you don't really know, but the majority of the time that person will absolutely do their best to give you their attention and help you grow professionally.
Second thing - Ask Questions. It's okay that you don't know things yet, no one expects you to have all the answers. What will really set you apart is asking thoughtful questions so that your mentors can lead you on the right path. Often times we forget that not everyone knows what 'fieldwork' means or that 'DP' stands for data processing (to be super specific in my own field).
Last thing - Listen. I find that the best way to learn how to do my job is by listening to other people who already do it. This might be listening in on a casual work conversation between coworkers or between my boss and our clients on a call, but I try to always tune in when I see others who know what they're talking about, talk.

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