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Los Angeles


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Eureka, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Psychology/Art History & Music

Current Company:


Current Position:

Policy Strategy & Operation Lead | Trust & Saftey

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

water polo, greek life, undergrad research

Secondary Schooling:

MA, Developmental Psychology @ Columbia University

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

The muffins!

Best Oxy Class:

The Russian Experience, The Religion of The Holocaust

Groups I Identify With:

women in STEM, edtech, developmental psychology


I currently work at Google as a policy strategist where I manage policy operations on the Trust & Safety teams. My focus is on leading policy implementation across all kids content at Google. I have been working within the Trust & Safety field for ~2.5 years but have 10+ years experience in creating fun, safe digital experiences for kids. My background is in developmental psychology and research, something that was kicked off during my time at Oxy.

I have had the amazing benefit to continue to follow my passion of making the digital world a fun and safe place for kids. I am extremely passionate about giving back to my various academic communities through mentorship. Oxy was an incredibly special place to me, one where I learned how to think critically and seek opportunities outside of myself. I forged a path after Oxy that is quite unique (there were NO connections to Google & Big Tech when I graduated), I struck out on my own and am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I have had. I'd really like to support Oxy alums in their career and continue to foster a great alumni connection.

Career Advice:

Always take the meeting and continue to reach out to people whose career path is inspiring or intriguing to you. You never know when you may find a connection that could lead to another opportunity.

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