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Los Angeles


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Roxanne Valle '19

She/Her/Hers; Ella

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Azusa, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Sociology & Latinx and Latin American Studies Double Major

Current Company:

UCLA: Latin American Studies

Current Position:

Masters Student

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Latinx Student Union, Cross Country, Track and Field

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:


Best Oxy Class:

Sociology of (Non) Violence

Groups I Identify With:

Latinx student, first-generation student, child of immigrants


I am a first-generation student and child of immigrants; my parents are from Mexico. I am currently studying Latin American Studies at UCLA where I am specializing in colonial Central Mexico, Mesoamerican codices, and learning a third language. I like to run and workout for fun! However, I especially love to cook, and I am always trying new foods!

Career Advice:

Always keep your options open, and never believe it is too late to do anything! In the end, financial security AND happiness should matter. You should have a career plan, and a dream career plan (ex: my career plan is to become a professor. My dream job plan includes making enough time to volunteer at local organizations, become an adult literacy tutor, and offer free community courses on the history of Mexico).

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