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Los Angeles


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Rowan Fitch '21


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Los Angeles

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Computer Science & Math Double Major

Current Company:

Expedia Group

Current Position:

Software Engineer

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:


Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Breakfast oatmeal w lots of raisins

Best Oxy Class:

Algorithm Analysis

Groups I Identify With:



I'm Rowan, class of 2021. I'm from Florida and I signed with Expedia Group to work as a software engineer last November. To get the interview, I sent out roughly 120 applications, and only got interviews at Expedia Group and another company. I feel that part of this was due to my small network. I want to be a mentor specifically for CS and Math majors, and give them advice on how they can make themselves more hirable as engineers coming from a liberal arts college, and also connect them with other engineers I meet as I start my own career this June.

Career Advice:

CS majors: do as many side projects outside of class as you can.
Math majors: do not fear code, knowing how to code as a math major means you can go into cryptography, data science, AI, or software engineering.

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