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Los Angeles


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Ovie Kabba '19


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Basque Country, Spain

Oxy Major/Minor:  

DWA & Spanish Studies Double Major

Current Company:

Spanish Ministry of Education

Current Position:

Language and Culture Assistant

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Women's Basketball Team, UN Kahane Program, Green Bean Barista, Neighborhood Partnership Program Student Office Assistant

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Best Oxy Class:

ENG 370- Literary Criticism

Groups I Identify With:

first-generation students, queer students


Hi, my name is Ovie, I'm from New York City and I graduated in 2019. I double majored in DWA and Spanish Studies. I studied abroad in Spain and also participated in the UN Kahane Program. I am currently living in the Basque Country in Spain working as an English Language and Culture Assistant in a local high school. As a US expat living in Spain I'd love to connect with students who may have an interest in working or having experiences abroad.

Career Advice:

I would advise you to not rush into any one main career that you think you have to do "based" on your major. We went to Oxy to study liberal arts, which means your are qualified for many positions that may seem to fall "outside" of your major. Explore and don't apply for positions that you may not be passionate about just because they "fit" into you major. Also, always be open to traveling!

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