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Los Angeles


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Maya Crawford '19


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Bay Area

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Economics Major, Sociology Minor

Current Company:

Columbia Records/Sony Music

Current Position:

Administrative Assistant - A&R Admin

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Dance Production Club, PULSE Club, and Programming Board

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Stir fry or pasta bar

Best Oxy Class:

African Politics, Health and Illness (Sociology), Black Radical Thought, or Economic Sociology

Groups I Identify With:

Black Women in Music


I always loved music but it wasn't until I got to Oxy that I seriously considered starting a career in the music business, particularly concerts and festivals. While I was at Oxy, I got involved in clubs and organizations, like Programming Board, KOXY, and Dance Production, and interned at Live Nation and POWER 106 to learn as much as possible about the industry. After graduation, I started in the entry-level program at Creative Artists Agency, one of the top talent agencies in the country to get into music touring. However, after I was furloughed indefinitely during the pandemic, I turned to the label side of the industry and started at Columbia Records (a division of Sony Music) as an administrative assistant in the A&R Admin department. A&R Administration is responsible for the “day-to-day” administration of recording projects, financial deal analysis, tracking and summarizing contractual options, video production agreements, and reviewing artist/producer royalty statements.

Career Advice:

Never be afraid to send that email or pick up the phone. If there is someone you admire or someone you want to get advice or help from, don't be afraid to ask; the worst they can say is no. Just make sure you have something worth saying and something to bring to the table.

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