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Los Angeles


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Lauren Chin '20


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New Haven, Connecticut

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Biochemistry and Kinesiology double major

Current Company:

Yale University

Current Position:

Master of Public Health Candidate

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Music ensembles, ultimate frisbee, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi Sigma, Periodic Baking, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, chemistry and biology research

Secondary Schooling:

Master of Public Health

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Philly on rice with peppers and onions

Best Oxy Class:

Nutrition and Homeostasis with Dr. Raney

Groups I Identify With:



I loved conducting research in the chemistry and biology labs throughout my college experience, and secured a position as a Lab Technician in a COVID-19/genetic sequencing testing lab right after graduation. However, I realized I prefer face-to-face interactions as in clinical health and education careers where I can continue to learn cross-disciplinary skills. I am interested in the study, prevention, and treatment of chronic noncommunicable diseases in epidemiology and medicine and how to reduce social disparities within these fields in urban settings. Another side interest I have is harnessing social media and other forms of media to communicate health knowledge. I am interested in attending medical school in the future, so I look forward to mentoring students interested in multidisciplinary paths, health sciences, and medicine!

Career Advice:

Negotiate your salary starting with your very first job because it will set the precedent for raises and future position salaries! It's okay if you change your career goals and remember to have confidence in your abilities and draw from your Oxy experiences and connections when in a new environment.

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