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Los Angeles


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Laura Scott '18

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Seattle, WA

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

KIRO Radio

Current Position:

Segments Producer

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Kappa Alpha Theta, The Occidental (Weekly), Peer Health Exchange

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Opening Day theme meal at the MP

Best Oxy Class:

Intro to Literary Methods with Professor Ford, and Flora of Southern California with Professor North

Groups I Identify With:



I had a summer internship at KPCC via InternLA, then launched a podcast media program at the Occidental Weekly senior year. After graduation, I moved to Seattle, and currently work at KIRO Radio, a local news and talk show station. I create segments for Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross, produce a daily and weekly coronavirus news & information podcast with a focus on Washington state, and also produce the podcast 'Your Last Meal' with Rachel Belle, where we interview celebrities and ask what their last meal would be, then dig into the history/science/culture behind the food. I also do a little bit of freelance podcast production on the side.

Career Advice:

I'm a total rule follower and don't like to make waves, but building up capital with your coworkers by being reliable, then using that capital to actually take a risk or pitch an off-the-wall, new idea is the whole point of working super hard the other 90% of the time. Especially in media - you likely have an innate sense of what's going to get traction. Give yourself some credit and go after the stories that make you excited, and that you haven't heard anywhere else.

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