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Los Angeles


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Kirsten Laursen '19

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Austin, TX

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Cognitive Science/Public Health

Current Company:

Grad Student at UT Austin

Current Position:

Graduate Student in Speech Pathology

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Theta, Public Health Club

Secondary Schooling:

Completed a post-baccalaureate program, currently in Masters program

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Cooler Mac N Cheese Bites

Best Oxy Class:

Mind, Brain and Behavior

Groups I Identify With:



I’m originally from Miami, Florida where I grew up with a younger brother and 2 pugs. In my free time I love cooking and doing yoga! I am currently a student at UT Austin getting my Masters in Speech Pathology. I work in UT’s Aphasia lab where I help with neuroimaging and therapy protocol. I hope to have a career as an SLP in a hospital, hopefully back in LA!

Career Advice:

Follow your interests above all else. And it’s never too late to switch majors or career paths! Try as many avenues as needed until you find what feels right.

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