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Los Angeles


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Jessica Minton '14


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San Francisco, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

Starfish Therapies

Current Position:

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Asian American Tutorial Project, Yearbook, Student Athletic Training, Kinesiology Department Research

Secondary Schooling:

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Huevos Ranchos

Best Oxy Class:

Biomechanics with Stuart Rugg - it solidified my interest in physical therapy.

Groups I Identify With:



I grew up in San Francisco and chose Oxy because of the option to study kinesiology. After Oxy, I went to Northwestern for physical therapy school. After my clinical rotations during PT school, I knew I wanted to pursue pediatrics. I stayed in Chicago for a few years and worked for a pediatric clinic. In 2020, I decided to return to the Bay Area to be closer to my family. Starfish Therapies offers a combination of clinic and school-based therapies and I was interested in exploring a wider variety of pediatric PT. As a student at Oxy, I was able to connect with alums in my field and found connecting with them to be incredibly helpful. I am looking forward to providing similar advice and support to other Oxy students and alumni.

Career Advice:

I would recommend finding something that you are passionate about and trying to turn that into a career. I also recommend finding a position that provides some mentorship and support as you're starting out. If you're unsure what you'd like to do, seek opportunities to shadow at some different types of jobs and don't be afraid to turn down a position that doesn't seem like a good fit.

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