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Los Angeles


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Jaquelyne Rodriguez '18


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Boyle Heights

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

Legacy LA

Current Position:

Leadership Program Coordinator

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

La Raza Coalition

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Tuna Melt, Soyrizo Plate, Mozzarella Stix (definitely a Cooler fan)

Best Oxy Class:

Chicanx in US Perspective - PSYCH

Groups I Identify With:

I am open to connecting with anyone.


I am a strong believer in youth holding the key to a brighter future. Legacy LA works with youth from Ramona Gardens Public Housing, a community surrounded by pollutants. The state and federal government has neglected this group of residents and marginalized them to the point that public health risks and illnesses have been normalized. Today, many of youth and adult leaders have risen to bring change to their community. They are pointing to issues and posing solutions to elected officials. It seems like we have a good chance at developing a Natural Park in the area that could be a state wide model for other Environmental Justice communities and public housing developments enduring the symptoms of climate change and industrial pollution.

Career Advice:

Your career path doesn't have to be the first job you choose. Be open minded and willing to learn regardless of how good your grades were in Occidental. The real world is nothing like college - be patient with yourself. My biggest challenge was navigating theory vs reality. After learning so much, I just wanted to give so many of my ideas. I had to remember to listen, first. There's a time and place for everything. Find jobs that you feel happy to work in. Look for people that motivate you to be your best self. Everything else will find its place.

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