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Los Angeles


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Jesse Fischer '10


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Los Angeles, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

UCLA BrainSPORT / UCLA Semel Institute

Current Position:

Brain Injury and Sports Concussion Neuropsychology Fellow

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Football all 4 years. Summer psychology research. Admissions, Telefund, and GEAR Up affiliated work with Jesus Maldonado

Secondary Schooling:

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at University of Houston. Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCLA

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Henry's Special at the Cooler. Chicken Quesadilla at the MP

Best Oxy Class:

Human Anatomy with Dr. Stuart Rugg

Groups I Identify With:



Neuropsychological testings maps out an individual's strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and identifies recommended treatment areas (e.g., therapy, academic support in school, cognitive rehab). This is my primary role for individuals with concussion or brain injury, as well as other neurological disorders, such as epilepsy. My football experience played a role in drawing me to work in this area. I have been supported at every step of my career by great mentors, and I believe in paying it forward.

Career Advice:

Nobody does it alone. Find support, ask for guidance, ask questions, and acknowledge we never stop learning. Grit may get you much of the way, but support from others can help you past the barriers when needed.

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