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Los Angeles


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Jack Fernandes '20


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Atlanta, GA

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

E-Shipping & Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict

Current Position:

Data-Entry & Peacebuilding

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

UN Program, Undergraduate Research Program, Speech, Debate, & Discourse Club, and ASOC Senate

Secondary Schooling:

Will start a Ohio State PhD. Program in Fall of 2021

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Meatless Monday

Best Oxy Class:

Tied between Ideology at the Extremes and European Politics

Groups I Identify With:



Hey all, my name is Jack Fernandes. In the long term (after completing my Ph.D.), I am planning to conduct research on critical security studies and political psychology. If anyone is interested in a research-oriented career, I am happy to talk to them about my experiences. Additionally, feel free to ask me about applying to graduate school.

Career Advice:

(1) Start thinking and researching positions that you would want early on. (2) Identify job descriptions that matches your dream job (3) Build a plan for gaining the necessary skills required for those jobs while at Oxy or after graduating

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