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Los Angeles


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Hilary Olson '12


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Los Angeles, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  


Current Company:

Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California

Current Position:

PhD Candidate, Public Policy and Management

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Oxy at the UN, Oxy Microfinance Club, Lacrosse, Dance Production, Study Abroad (Rome)

Secondary Schooling:

Masters of Public Policy (Price School of Public Policy, Uni. Southern California)

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Soy nuggets (with BBQ sauce)

Best Oxy Class:

International Organizations

Groups I Identify With:



Passionate about social innovation, community empowerment, and economic development, I am currently doing research on social impact bonds and community bail funds. For fun, I enjoy traveling, crafting/DIY, biking, hiking, and yoga.

Career Advice:

Probably my biggest piece of career advice is to conduct informational interviews. I have found it incredibly helpful to connect with professionals in my fields of interest in order to get a sense of their day-to-day work, their career paths, and other insider perspectives to get a better sense of what might be a good fit for me. It is also a great way to build your network when job searching in the future.

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