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Los Angeles


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Dylan Sittig '13


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Los Angeles, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Urban and Environmental Policy (UEP), Math Minor

Current Company:

City of Los Angeles

Current Position:

City Planning Associate

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

CatAList TV, Oxy Green Tours, Oxy Bookstore, California Environmental Semester, Student Labor Action Coalition, Food Justice House, FEAST Garden

Secondary Schooling:

Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA Luskin

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:


Best Oxy Class:

UEP 310/311 Community Organizing Class

Groups I Identify With:


Hi, I’m Dylan. After my time at Oxy, I did some odd jobs and community-based internships around Los Angeles for a year before starting a graduate program at UCLA for Urban Planning. During graduate school, I began working at the City Planning Department for the City of Los Angeles. I have been working there ever since and, to keep things fresh, I have rotated between positions in long-range policy planning, development review in project planning, and working as a community liaison in the external affairs division. I’m interested in the past, present, and future of cities; social, racial, and spatial justice; and connections with global and local environments. I’d be happy to chat with anyone about graduate school, public sector careers, city planning, and many other topics too!

Career Advice:

Be open to new experiences and apply to things you are not qualified for. Don’t say no to yourself.
Past connections can help you in the future.
Consider how best you can fight for change (Inside vs Outside Government; Public vs Private vs Non-Profit)

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