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Los Angeles


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Claire Diggins '11


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Oxy Major/Minor:  

DWA Major, Spanish & MAC Minors

Current Company:


Current Position:

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Great Strides (Kickball Coach), Oxy Weekly (Sr. Writer), Buddhist Meditation Club, Childhood Literacy volunteer, Study Abroad - Geneva UN Program (SIT), Donor Relations

Secondary Schooling:


Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Cooler Smoothies and Grilled Cheese

Best Oxy Class:

Feminism in French Literature

Groups I Identify With:



I work in product marketing and have worked in that field and product management for the past ten years. Product Marketing is a great way for me to use the left and right sides of my brain and apply strategic and critical thinking to my work. I am interested in the mentor network as I had some excellent mentors during my career (and I hope to have many more, potentially through this network!) and would love to pass that along to other Oxy graduates. I love the Oxy community and am passionate about staying connected to it.

Career Advice:

For most, success requires important traits like dedication, hard work, ambition and talent. Importantly, that doesn't mean you must endure toxic workplaces, colleagues or regularly work to the point of burnout. I think it's important for people starting out in their careers to start discerning productive stress from unproductive stress, and how to push themselves, develop new skills, and progress in their careers while avoiding negative work environments.

Do not underestimate the value of networking, but understand that networking is effective when you develop authentic, two-sided relationships.

It's ok to make switches in your career, in fact the more you can expose yourself to different roles and company types, the better. This will help you better understand your interests and natural talents.

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