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Los Angeles


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Carlos Gonzalez '19


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Highland Park, CA

Oxy Major/Minor:  

Spanish Studies

Current Company:

Pasadena Courthouse

Current Position:

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellow

Campus Involvement/Special Programs:

Community Literacy Center, Center for Community-Based Learning, Obama Scholars Program, OSUAG

Secondary Schooling:

JusticeCorps Fellow, MTO Fellow, OSP Fellow

Favorite MP/Cooler Food:

Tuna Melt from the Cooler

Best Oxy Class:

Spanish 363: Hispanic Autobiography

Groups I Identify With:

first-gen students, latinx, transfer students


I'm a local LA native who transferred to Oxy after a brief stint in Maine. I embraced my bilingual background and majored in Spanish Studies with plans of becoming a translator and/or interpreter. The Spanish department welcomed me with open arms and went of their way to place me in positions to succeed. I enrolled in translation practicum courses, collaborated on community-based projects, and worked on paid gigs during school breaks. I also tutored, graded, and worked as an EIA facilitator for one of my favorite classes. Now, as an Obama Fellow, I have committed to a career in public service. I'm happy to answer any questions! I had plenty of folks help me along the way and look forward to doing the same for others.

Career Advice:

"Being shy is expensive!"

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