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YORKonnection Group Picture

Our core team all met during the Oxy at the UN program during our senior fall semesters. It was during the UN semester that we were able to participate in facilitated Oxy alumni networking events, which opened our eyes for an area of opportunity. 

Throughout our years at Oxy, we all realized the importance of mentorship and connection with the Oxy alumni community. We wanted to find a way to bring that mentorship to the wider Oxy community, and so we decided to build YORKonnection. 


We hope this platform will serve as a tool to facilitate thought-provoking conversations, mentorship, and meaningful relationships. 

In 2022, YORKonnection transitioned to become a student club at Occidental. Micah, Snigdha, Isabel and Tom are excited to stay on as alumni advisors for the club and can't wait to see where the student leadership takes YORKonnection. 

-Micah '20 and Snigdha '20, CEOs & Founders of YORKonnection

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